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Carleton Place, Ontario

About Lakeside Mediterranean Shawarma and TakeOutPay.ca

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Lakeside Mediterranean Shawarma uses the services of TakeOutPay.ca for web site design, maintenance and secure checkout.
TakeoutPay.ca is a website property owned and operated by RestSoft Systems located in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. RestSoft Systems has provided restaurant point of sale solutions to large and small restaurants in the Ottawa area for over 15 years.

Takeoutpay.ca provides secure back-end payment processing for independent restaurants offering online ordering. By directly integrating with our restaurant partner's Web Sites and Apps we enable seamless and accurate order processing. Restaurant customers are able to securely login, view and track their orders.

Privacy policy
We are committed to protecting the privacy of all visitors to the Website, including all visitors or users who access the Website or Service through any web application, mobile application or other platform or device.

Data Collection - Personal: In order to facilitate the ordering process we may collect personal information on this website. This personal information may include, name, email, address, phone number, account and previous order history. This information will be stored in a dedicated, secure and encrypted method.

Data Collection - Technical: We may collect non-personal device information (such as technical information) from your mobile device or your use of the Website or the Service through a mobile device, for example, ip address, browser type details, location data, operating system, cookies and payment method.

Data retention
TakeOutPay.ca will save your account and order history for a period of 365 days after last use. Accounts not used for 365 days will be automatically and pernamently deleted. Your account and order history will not be recoverable after this retention period and you will be required to create a new account.

Secure payment processing policy
This website uses an online third party processor for all credit card verification and payment processing. The third party processor is responsible for and ensures the secure credit card processing and data storage.
All credit card orders are passed through a credit card pre-authorization process to ensure credit card validity. A pre-authorization charge may appear on your bank statement. This pre-authorization will be reversed within a few days (depending on bank/credit card company) if the charge does not pass the validity check.
This website does not store any credit card data on a local database or hard-drive.

By using this website you agree that TakeOutPay.ca, it's owner RestSoft Systems or Lakeside Mediterranean Shawarma will not be liable to you under any circumstance including:
1. loss of data;
2. any loss of profits, sales, business, or revenue;
3. loss or corruption of data, information or software;
4. loss of business opportunity;
5. loss of anticipated savings;
6. loss of goodwill; or
7. any indirect or consequential loss.